Hey Baltimore: Do you still believe Ravens can win Super Bowl?


As many of you know, I love to write. It’s my life’s passion — writing, opining and structuring prose. Lately, however, time has been short with my never-ending quest to move WNST.net from the radio world to the internet world and harnessing the power of social media and your involvement in Baltimore sports as fans — just like us — as the Baltimore Ravens go on their quest for a Super Bowl championships that would end in a very delicious turn of irony if (or when?) we march the Lombardi Trophy down Maryland Street in downtown Indianapolis.

So, here it is, I’m saying it and I’m not running from it.

I believe the Baltimore Ravens are going to the Super Bowl in two weeks.

And this is coming from a guy who was the only media member in the state who picked the Ravens to win on Sunday.

And, you might have a hard time believing this but you can look it up: I picked the EXACT score when I wrote, Tweeted, opined and Facebooked the Ravens’ 24-16 win. I hope my name — as well as my Flacco Fu — goes down as Joe Namath-esque. I’m not guaranteeing a victory — but I believe they’re going to win the Super Bowl next month and I see the parade coming down Pratt Street as clearly as I see the Fu on the face of Joe Flacco.

And I’ve got a little challenge for you below. Instead of writing how I feel, I’ve summed it all up in this video exchange with Glenn Clark and Luke Jones.

If you liked vintage “Nasty Nestor” you’ll enjoy this video from last night at Monday Night Live at High Topps.

Get some popcorn buttered and hear my message:



And feel free to opine below and share with your friends. Here’s the REAL question:






  1. The Ravens chances of winning the Super Bowl are as good as anyone’s. They have beaten all of the leagues best teams all season so there is no reason they can’t do it again in the post season. They won the AFC North by doing what champions do; dominate at home and split on the road.

  2. Nestor,

    I would like to organize the WNST.net Ravens Fan “Mayflower Van” caravan road trip to the IRSAY Oil Drum Dome for Super Bowl XLVI on the first weekend in February!!!!

    I will guarantee the lease of several Mayflower Vans to roll-up into the IRSAY Oil Drum parking lots for tailgate festivities to support our Ravens.

    Are you with me???…..I BELIEVE!!!!!


    FRANCHISE on behalf of Raymond Berry—Lombardi Trophy Presenter

  3. Given the preferable playoff schedule, I certainly think the Ravens can reach the Super Bowl. Here is probably what the Ravens want to happen, in my opinion:

    Texans beat Bengals at home
    Steelers beat Broncos at home
    Ravens beat Texans at home
    Steelers beat Patriots on the road
    Ravens beat Steelers at home

    I think we’re much more capable of beating the Steelers at home than the Patriots on the road. As for if we can win the Super Bowl, the NFC is such a tossup right now that I really don’t know. Whoever we play, we have to avoid mistakes; unfortunately, playcalling is the most major offender but also the hardest one to overcome.

  4. No,Heres why,, Ravens have stuggled on the road all season. They barely got the win on 1 final play in Cincinatti. Even Ravens do win first playoff game at home they will have to go to Foxboro unless someone knocks the Pats off Harbaugh will be coaching at the pro bowl. Thats my take.

  5. Do I believe they can get to the super Bowl? Yes, absolutely. Will they win? Hell no. And not just them. In fact whoever is the AFC representative is going to get smoked if the other team is New Orleans or Green Bay. I don’t care how much purple pride you may have, if you think that the Ravens can keep up with either one of those teams in a climate controlled stadium, your crazy. And that goes for New England as well. They are explosive as hell on offense, but they can’t stop anybody. So no I don’t think so. It will be the Chargers game all over again….If not worse.

  6. Hell yea they can go to and win the bowl.However,I`m not too confident of some of these guys catching a ball in a big moment.Good teams consistently put other teams away.We sat on the ball too much and let Cincy back in the game.Mistackles,dropped passes,and play calling will be a problem.I love these guys and bleed black and purple.They play like they did in the first squeeler win,they`ll destroy anybody including Packers or Saints.

  7. My heart says that they can win the Superbowl, but my head tells me that they won’t. I think that if we have to face New England, Green Bay or New Orleans, those offenses will turn the Ravens aging defense every which way but loose.

  8. Thanks to Mike Preston Ray and Ed will play their best games of the year the next month. Thanks Mike!

  9. I believe as well, as much as I would like to see a Ravens Steelers AFC championship game in Baltimore, it won’t happen. With Ben hobbled and Meandenhall out there is no way they beat New England if they get past Denver this week. The Ravens beat the Patriots in the AFC championship and play the packers or saints in the superbowl.

  10. Stop the presses! Nestor believes the Ravens will win the Super Bowl! Next he’ll be telling us that he believes steamed crabs are better than creamed spinach. I bet, if pressed on the subject, he might even believe that the Orioles are a poorly run organization. Of course, if I recall correctly, Nestor also believed the Ravens were going to the SB in 2010 and 2008 and 2006. Nothing wrong with believing. Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another ice cold Rocky Bleier Brew.

    I suspect the Steelers will have a tough time beating either the Ravens or Patriots, let alone both, but I still believe they will. That’s what fans do, isn’t it?

  11. Well I can’t say I believe in something that has variables and takes place in the future, but I feel that they Can win and that they will try as hard if not harder than any team. My question is are you five years old to brag about getting a game score right when you are making predictions all the time? I hope the Ravens win and I hope you don’t try to piggyback on their success and try to somehow twist things to take credit for it. Sometimes you try to act like you had something to do with the Browns moving to Baltimore. Try not to co-opt the Ravens glory with some delusions of your own.

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