How can Orioles “build from within” by allowing draft picks to walk?

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It’s not headline news or a WNST Text alert — nor should it be — but the Orioles have once again failed to follow through on an organizational commitment to “build from within” by allowing second-round draft choice Mychal Givens to slip away and go off to college at Oklahoma State.

Givens, who helped lead Plant High School in Florida to the Class 5A state semifinals this spring, going 8-4 with a 1.71 ERA and 113 strikeouts in 78 IP on the mound while hitting a team-high .374 with 4 homers and 31 RBIs, is now a lost cause according to Orioles scouting director Joe Jordan.

Givens, who is being represented by former Florida State star Kenny Felder, has asked for too much money and the Orioles have given the word that they’ve “walked away” before Monday’s deadline.

All of the MASN guys and local media have given Jordan the “hall pass” on this one and shrugged their shoulders and who knows whether Mychal Givens will ever be heard from again?

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But I do know this:

1. They liked him enough to use a second-round draft pick on him

2. They were ready to make him a shortstop and not a pitcher

3. The organizational “mantra” is build from within through the draft and the minor-league system

While they’ll be afforded a compensation pick down the line, this is another example of how the Orioles continue to ride the last-place train in the AL East.

It’s really inexusable.

If they knew they couldn’t sign him, they shouldn’t have wasted a draft pick.

Perhaps the kid would prefer franks and beans at Oklahoma State rather than sign on at 18 with the worst organization in Major League Baseball, who knows?

Maybe, it’s come to that?

Only Mychal Givens knows…

Here are some videos of Mychal Givens:



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