How the Preakness has fallen..


Well, the race is four hours away and I’m watching the coverage on ESPN.
And I thought: "Maybe I should read up on the race a bit?"
I went to and looked for a story.
And there wasn’t one on the front page!
So, not only is downtown completely devoid of any rumor that there’s this thing called The Preakness being held in our city today. But it appears that the rest of the sports world is oblivious, as well, to the fact that Street Sense has a chance to continue a bid for the Triple Crown today here in Charm City at  Old Hilltop.
So, ESPN has it on its TV network, but NOWHERE on the front of  their website?
Strange days indeed…
But I don’t think the intenet audience is real intrigued by horse racing these days…a shame!

BTW: I like Curlin’ and Street Sense.

P.S. I just didn’t feel like going over to the track and dealing with drunk people, crowds, lack of space…I guess I’m getting old. And honestly, it makes me sad seeing The Preakness die like this…I want to remember it when it was great, even if it means missing "the last one," which is the reason some folks gave me for going this week! (Someone compared it to going to the Colts-Oilers game in ’83…I was AT that one, and I wish I wasn’t!)

P.P.S. I only know about five people who are going. It ain’t what it used to be, huh?