Inexcusable 5-4 loss by the Orioles tonight…

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10:01 p.m. — These are the ones that kill ya. The Orioles went into the 9th inning with a one-run lead and George Sherrill on the mound and wound up losing. Big homer from Michael Young. Two outs in the ninth inning. Just a horrible, horrible loss.

Rick Dempsey is making excuses. Jim Hunter looks constipated. The purple hats are on display. I’ll never wear one…

My cable is going in and out. And it’s just as well…

They got a great start from Uehara, big hits from Brian Roberts and Nick Makakis. It still wasn’t enough.

These are the losses that make you a 90-game loser. Just unacceptable. Just embarrassing…

A dramatic 9th inning win for the Rangers. A homer by Michael Young with two outs in the ninth inning. Texas trailed the entire game. Koji ptched well. They got a lead. They held it. Until the end.

As Gary Thorne just said: “Wow!”

Buck Martinez is now making excuses. “They did a lot of good things tonight, ” he just said.

Just unacceptable.

10:15 p.m. — Dave Trembley is holding court. He’s not being quite as prickly as he usually is. I don’t know Trembley. He’s the first Orioles manager in 17 years that I don’t really know.

This is always interesting to me.

Everyone is a good winner. Losing a game like this tells me a lot. My cable keeps cutting in and out. It’s weird.

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