KOBS: Mike Flanagan vs. Raymond Berry… VOTE NOW!!!

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Every morning during the contest, I’ll be posting a little “reminder” about today’s voting in the Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports.

Obviously, we’d love to have as many votes as possible and to entice folks to vote, we’ll be presenting a daily prize at random for anyone who does vote in each 1-on-1 matchup. Today and every day this week, one lucky winner will receive an annual membership to the Sports Legends Museum, where we’ll be having our gala 10th Anniversary celebration and the crowning of the KOBS on Friday, Aug. 8th. Mark your calendar!

Today’s matchup is Mike Flanagan vs. Raymond Berry. You can vote here!

Needless to say, I didn’t see Berry play but I did see him coach for the Patriots in the Super Bowl and I did hear my Pop tell me story after story about his greatness.

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Flanagan was a guy I saw take the mound year after year as an Oriole and pulled for throughout his Cy Young campaign in 1979. I also wrote a chapter about him in my book here.

As much as I love Flanny and respect his ongoing contributions to the Orioles and the city (whatever they are these days because he’s almost in the witness protection program), I’m voting Raymond Berry in this contest.

I hope you vote YOUR conscience every day throughout the tournament.

Back tomorrow with another matchup…




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