KOBS voting: Brady Anderson vs. Jim Parker today


Given the firestorm we felt when Brady Anderson was in the inital 28 contestants for the Toyota King of Baltimore Sports contest, today’s voting will be interesting.

When Brady was hitting homers and stealing bases (and hearts), he was immensely popular in Baltimore. There were even “Keep Brady In Baltimore” pins and T-shirts all over Camden Yards. One steroid scandal — and Anderson has never admitted to using steroids and never tested positively — and a decade later there’s a definite “anti-Brady” bent we’ve heard from WNST listeners.

I never saw Jim Parker play. To me, he was the guy who owned the liquor store. But I know enough to know his legend.

Enjoy the voting today…

A very sad morning when the first piece of news I got was that George Carlin died. Who among us can say that Carlin didn’t make us laugh at some point? He was a smart, funny man!