Led Zeppelin…if you care?

crab baltimore positive sm
crab baltimore positive sm
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Not sports related, but it’s all most of my friends (we’re old!) can talk about.

Led Zeppelin played their first (and ONLY if we believe them) show since Live Aid 1985 in Philadelphia (and I was at that show) yesterday afternoon at the O2 Arena in London.

It’s amazing, the world in 2007!

I couldn’t believe that they didn’t pay-per-view the thing for $49.99 in my living room. It would’ve been the party of the year!

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But, instead of paying the upward of $10,000 per ticket — that was the going rate in London — I am now watching "Kashmir" on youtube. And before I went up to Piv’s Pub to interview Mark Clayton last night, I was following a live "set list" update on a British website.

There’s also a copy of "Black Dog" here, complete with British broadcaster.

More to come for sure, but several people pulled me up at Piv’s last night to discuss the Zeppelin reunion, and I’m honestly not hearing/reading much about it in the traditional media.

Here is a great, running account of last night’s proceedings. You gotta love when people do good work on the web!

They are still the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

Go see for yourself!

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