Luke Jones is crowned the Coors Light King of Baltimore Sportstalk winner

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Luke Jones was crowned the Coors Light King of Baltimore Sportstalk tonight, beating six other finalists with great interviewing style, a vast knowledge of the local sports scene and impeccable blogs over the past eight weeks of the competition.

Marco Romanell finished second in the judges’ voting, followed by Lawson Lambert and Todd Salkowski. Jerry Reinhardt, Tom Clayton and Chris Stoner were also great competitors over the past two months of competitive blogging and sports media.

Jones is headed to Bermuda via the Port of Baltimore courtesy of Royal Caribbean and The Cruise Lady of Canton.

Luke Jones

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We had a packed house of supporters — many of them related to Marco Romanell — who were feisty, rowdy and very supportive of their loved ones and friends. It was truly a great night for, as Brian Billick and John Buren joined Drew Forrester, Bob Haynie, Glenn Clark and myself in the judicial process.

We’ll be hearing and reading more from all seven of the contestants as they were all outstanding and energetic about the process of learning the craft of Baltimore sports journalism in the new media era.

Nice people. Big sports fans. Lots of talent.

We might make this an annual event it was so much fun!

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