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It isn’t hard to find stories on the web about Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher, who the Baltimore Ravens made their pick for the future of the offensive line tonight. He’s the subject of a book. He’s having a movie made about his life. And his story is a human interest story that transcends football. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss his ability and his story in the coming days. His press conference is set for 2 p.m. Sunday in Owings Mills. I’ll be live blogging all day again tomorrow.

Clearly the Ravens saw incredible value in Oher slipping down the board. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone in the brain trust of the organization and the draft room thought they’d get a player this good when they woke up this morning. They’re “over-the-top” excited about having gotten a Top 12 kinda player at the No. 23 spot. Especially with what they deem to be a glaring need at the right tackle position. They essentially gave up pick No. 162 to get him. Not a huge price to pay if he’s a 5-year or more starter.

Already, he looks pretty freaking good in purple…

Roger Goodell and Michael Oher in New York City

I did some aggregating and found all of these videos. Just thought I’d pass them along…

Here’s a CBS video about his life:


And some hightlights here:

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Here’s a fun little video I found as well from the Senior Bowl in Mobile from three months ago:


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