Modell shamelessly ignored by football writers


Well, the handful of pro football “experts” are at it again, playing the role of punitive czars as the gatekeepers of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, once again ignoring a lifetime of accomplishments of Art Modell. Once again, Modell has been left off of the finalists’ list Hall of Fame ballot and I’m stunned at their ignorance of the facts and the continued slight of one of the architects of the NFL.

I’m at the Caps game right now and using Drew’s computer to blog, but I’m pretty salty about the whole thing and will need more time later to collect my thoughts and write a lengthier missive.

But once again, it’s the garbage of the Cleveland contingent led by Ohio’s angriest man, Tony Grossi.

They all should be ashamed of themselves and they should turn in their voting cards.

Art Modell belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.