Now HERE’S an owner with class & dignity…

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A sad story that I saw on the web, but I thought I’d pass it along.

John McConnell — the name might not really mean anything to you which is EXACTLY why I’m passing this story along — died today in Columbus, Ohio.

For those of you who know about my passion for hockey, here’s another example of some of the cool people who fall in love with and get involved with hockey.

Just read the story…and see what kind of legacy “Mr. Mac” (incidentally, that’s what the entire neighborhood called my Pop) left that city.

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A very powerful story, I think…

I never met him, never knew him or even read his story before five minutes ago (although I know Doug MacLean who worked for him until last year).

He sounds like he was a cool, old dude. I wish I had met him and chatted with him while he was still here.



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