Off to Cleveland


It’s always the best way to visit Cleveland – in and out. So, I’m on the 8:05 flight and we’ll be checking in throughout the day on

I’m checking out the parking lots in downtown Cleveland on wnsTV (always interesting). The folks there still have such venom for Art Modell that it’s impossible for anything mentioning the word “Baltimore” with them that doesn’t set them off.

And it’s always a little “rowdy” in Cleveland on gameday. The atmosphere is always fun and threatening, because the home fans are inspired. Or at least until the guys in the orange helmets do something wrong.

Then it turns into a home game for the Ravens.

It should be a good game, maybe the best on the docket for the weekend for pure “who’s is going to win” debate.

No C-Mac (we think, anyway).

A two-game winning streak. The Browns receiving corps could make it interesting. Ray Lewis loves going to Cleveland.

It’ll be 60 degrees. Close game. Could come down to Matt Stover.

Hey, I’m just guessing.

Gonna be a fun day…