Orange you glad we can celebrate Purple Friday with twice the color in Baltimore?


I walked into BWI this morning and it was quite a mixed breed. I saw six Orioles hats and shirts and just three Ravens items. Alas, Baltimore is conflicted amidst an unprecedented occurrence – Orioles prosperity has made us all feel a little orange for the first time ever.

But that doesn’t mean on the eve of Monday’s season opener in Baltimore that we can’t find some “mixed marriages” of purple and orange. We here at have ALWAYS been a mixed marriage of purple and orange from the very beginning:











We’re in our 14th year of wearing orange and purple at the same time everywhere we go.

We’ve NEVER stopped talking about the Orioles and the Ravens…every day. Win or lose.

So far, I can only name two other sports teams that bear the color scheme of orange and purple. Earlier today, Josh Charles tweeted that he thought they didn’t look so good together:









Clearly, I have always had room in my heart for both.

So do these folks…

And, please don’t send me any “cease and desists” here, Mr. Angelos.

I didn’t create them. I’m just passing them along for your enjoyment.



































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  1. Nestor

    Proudly wearing my O’s Caps (Home & Away Cap) all summer long up here in the Lehigh Valley among the a-hole Yankee fans. This has been an awesome last 12 montths to be an O’s Fan. Can’t help you with the purple though. I will have two TV’s side by side on Sunday as the O’s meet the Yanks and The E-A-G-L-E-S smack around the cLEAVEland Clowns!!

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