Peter Angelos and Earl Weaver in living color

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Because I’m an internet goober, I surf a lot. I have all of my own litle favorites on the web, and I suppose I should start making some recommendations.

Isn’t that what a good blogger does anyway, someone saying: “Hey…take a look at THIS!”

Like a good friend would…but without the email spam!

Anyway, here are a few for today…

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One WNST staffer (a tall one) recommended this video to me. If you have any doubts about whether Peter Angelos “saved baseball for Baltimore,” this IBEW infomercial will confirm it for you.

It’s a very interesting video, almost MASN worthy! You can draw your own political conclusions from this powerful portrait of Angelos, champion of the people. It’s its OWN commentary so it deserves no rebuttal from me.

It’s literally a 10-minute informercial, almost late night television worthy. And I bet you’ve never seen it!

I’m wondering who wrote the script and how long it took for Angelos to approve it.

When Angelos wants to answer some serious questions, we at WNST are available to ask them. And we’ll do it for free! He won’t even have to pay us!

Ay, yi, yi…

And with Opening Day only four days away, thank God for the Earl Weaver classic here. DO NOT PLAY THIS ONE AT WORK! It’s as salty as Earl, which is a beautiful thing!

There’s no way — NO WAY — you cannot watch this and not burst out laughing! It is an instant piss your pants video and I’m forever grateful to whoever put it on youtube! My wife will pull it up anytime she wants to laugh — and she’s never even met Earl Weaver!

And if you’re a real sicko (and I think you are), you’ll love this tomato patch radio classic. AGAIN…NOT ready for prime time!!!

I think I was actually at the game from the video (it was during an era when I went to games five nights a week) and I always wondered what Earl was saying when he was kicking dirt and ripping up rule books.

And I wonder what the Japanese fans think when they see this stuff. It’s almost WWF, when you think about it!

Thank God for baseball…

And last but not least, a music note.

If you don’t know the story about Journey’s new singer, here it is.

Guitarist and founder Neal Schon was surfing youtube and found a guy named Arnel Pineda in the Phillipines doing Journey cover songs in a band called The Zoo, and hired him to become the next Steve Perry.

Journey plays at Nissan Pavilion on July 27th and are in Hershey on July 31st. Here’s their entire tour schedule.

Here are a few of the videos of the new singer, which were shot in Chile.


Don’t Stop Believing

Lights/Open Arms




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