Pick No. 101 history…and staying up late


So, the orange Birds were  finding some
Oriole Magic dust while any self-respecting Ravens fan was diligently
watching Ozzie Newsome’s wizardry of draft-day wheeling and dealing.

My remote control thumb is worn out!

And I was pretty sure they weren’t going to come back to win it in Cleveland!

Obviously the Ravens were not enamored with the QB from Stanford — they had
their shot!

While dealing back outta the No. 61 to the No. 74 and No. 101, the Ravens
picked up one of the more interesting picks in the draft — the second pick of
tomorrow morning. So, basically, you get ALL night to think things over.

I’m bored, my wife is asleep so I thought I’d blog up some good stuff — the
stuff I’m really thinking as a fan “in the know” here on a Saturday

I know the Ravens are NOT done for the evening — they will
certainly at least CONSIDER making a trade! So, I’m sticking with the draft
since the Orioles game is done. WHEW!

This is wearing me out…L-O-N-G day…I  really wonder how many people are still

MAN…I love the NFL, right?

Boredom update: I did some research into pick No. 101

Here is a history of that selection courtesy of www.drafthistory.com (GOOD

2006 — DB Darnell Bing, Oakland

2005 — RB Maurice Clarett, Denver

2004 — LB Demorrio Williams, Atlanta

2003 — RB Domanick Davis, Houston

2002 — LB Kevin Bentley, Cleveland

2001 — DB Jamie Henderson, NY Jets

2000 — DT Jerry Johnson, Denver

1999 — QB Joe Germaine, St. Louis

1998 — RB Tavian Banks, Jacksonville


Nothing here too special, huh?


Maybe they’ll deal back into tonight?