Pick No. 101 history…and staying up late

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So, the orange Birds were  finding some
Oriole Magic dust while any self-respecting Ravens fan was diligently
watching Ozzie Newsome’s wizardry of draft-day wheeling and dealing.

My remote control thumb is worn out!

And I was pretty sure they weren’t going to come back to win it in Cleveland!

Obviously the Ravens were not enamored with the QB from Stanford — they had
their shot!

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While dealing back outta the No. 61 to the No. 74 and No. 101, the Ravens
picked up one of the more interesting picks in the draft — the second pick of
tomorrow morning. So, basically, you get ALL night to think things over.

I’m bored, my wife is asleep so I thought I’d blog up some good stuff — the
stuff I’m really thinking as a fan “in the know” here on a Saturday

I know the Ravens are NOT done for the evening — they will
certainly at least CONSIDER making a trade! So, I’m sticking with the draft
since the Orioles game is done. WHEW!

This is wearing me out…L-O-N-G day…I  really wonder how many people are still

MAN…I love the NFL, right?

Boredom update: I did some research into pick No. 101

Here is a history of that selection courtesy of www.drafthistory.com (GOOD

2006 — DB Darnell Bing, Oakland

2005 — RB Maurice Clarett, Denver

2004 — LB Demorrio Williams, Atlanta

2003 — RB Domanick Davis, Houston

2002 — LB Kevin Bentley, Cleveland

2001 — DB Jamie Henderson, NY Jets

2000 — DT Jerry Johnson, Denver

1999 — QB Joe Germaine, St. Louis

1998 — RB Tavian Banks, Jacksonville


Nothing here too special, huh?


Maybe they’ll deal back into tonight?


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