Pittsburgh and San Diego travel and party plan info is here


While I sip on another cup of coffee this morning here in Nashville and watch the NFL action unfold, I’m busy plotting next weekend’s WNST purple pep rally and parties and exploits in Pittsburgh and San Diego. Obviously, it’s impossible to have anything set in stone when we don’t know where the game will be.

Here’s all of the current information I have as of noon EST:

Let’s start with Pittsburgh, since that’s the more realistic trip for everyone in Baltimore.

We WILL have a Pittsburgh bus. It will probably be in the $500 range. We will leave on Sunday morning and return after the 6:30 p.m. EST game. It will keep the prices lower and there’s no real need for an overnight trip and dealing with hotels, etc. We will have some beer and food on the bus for sure. It’s a four-hour ride to Pittsburgh and we’ve done this bus trip about 10 times over the years.

I am considering trying to find a central location in Pittsburgh to throw a party. Hey, we’ve done it before several times but never for the heated AFC Championship Game. Stay tuned…we’re gonna do something like we did last weekend.

If San Diego wins the game, we will be putting together a purple pep rally and party somewhere in San Diego on Saturday night. For anyone who has followed my career or WNST over the years knows that San Diego is a like a second home for me. I’ll have a killer spot and a great party. Just need a day or two to sort things out.

Stay tuned. We’ll have more as this all unfolds and the information will be here just like it was last week. I’m going to get all of the videos up from Graham Central Station today.

And we’ll have the Pittsburgh bus trip on sale later in the day. I’ll announce it and provide a link at the top of this blog when it’s ready to go.

Have a great day of happy, joyous football watching. This is really a lot of fun, waiting to find out who we’re playing next week for the right to go to the Super Bowl. This is pretty special!

Enjoy the ride!

P.S. I want to thank the literally THOUSANDS of people I met this weekend and who shared fun times and laughs and music and cheer with us in Nashville. It was overwhelming and really cool and fun. From the 164 of those on the WNST Bus to the myriad of friends old and new who flocked to our Purple Pep Rallies in Nashville. I started a Facebook page here for the group.