Ray Lewis speaks out…


Pro Bowl week is upon us, which means most of the NFL’s biggest stars are gathered in one hotel in Honolulu and NFL Network has access to them all.

Last night was Ray Lewis’ turn to join Rich Eisen and Marshall Faulk on the set with the breeze and the palm trees.

Looking quite relaxed, Lewis chatted about the Indy-Baltimore rivalry with Faulk, as well as his brother’s draft prospects and his penchant for being an advisor to many NFL stars like Braylon Edwards, Chad Johnson about “how to be a man.”

He discussed the departure of Brian Billick and the arrival of John Harbaugh, but only briefly.


Faulk asked him straight up: “Would you play somewhere else?”

Lewis’ answer: “The business creates that. if you do go somewhere else, you go have a great career somewhere else. I believe your legacy is not upheld through a city. I believe it’s the way you play the game no matter what color jersey you have.

“I’m a Raven for life — purple and black is what I do. The business side of it? If it takes off, it takes off.”

He said he tells other players to work hard and get results. He also said he tells the younger players to not waste money.

Lewis said his offseason plans include his “Ray’s Summer Days” from June 7th through June 11th.

He also discussed God’s role for him in helping others to become “men.”

The complete video is here.