Remembering Cal Ripken and China…


It’s been more than 18 months since I traveled halfway across the planet with Cal Ripken and his crew for the Beijing baseball mission. With the release of “A Shortstop in China,” it’s given me a chance to “relive” some of the fun I had in the Far East as well.

I’ve heard spectacular reports about the movie, created locally by the Renegade guys who were our constant companions in Beijing. They were fun and they are widely featured in my “movies” from China.

Below are my memoirs from the fun of traveling to a different culture and seeing the world. Of all of the videos I’ve shot for wnsTV over the two years of, these are by far my favorite films. Sure, they’re all about 10 minutes long, but if you wanted to know what it was like to see China and be with Cal Ripken for several days, I hope these paint a vivid picture of what was truly a trip of a lifetime for me.

I enjoyed living them and I enjoyed making them. Honestly, what good is going to China if you can’t share the experience with others?

I hope you check them out if you didn’t 18 months ago. I think they’re pretty good. And they present some “re-Cal-ity” television…as well as some laughs and some of the “behind the scenes” stuff only wnsTV can show you.

One day, I’ll actually mix and platform my videos from Tokyo, which were even better. (I loved Japan. Maybe that’s our next trip with Cal Ripken, who knows? Although I hear India could be the next stop…)

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