Reminder: Tribute to Dads everywhere is two days away

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As many of you know who have followed me and/or WNST through the years, March 5th is my Pop’s birthday. He was born in 1919, so this Thursday he would’ve been 90. As a tribute to him — and Dads everywhere — we have made a 17-year tradition of dedicating our March 5 shows to my father and your father as well. Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up because it’s the most asked-about day of the year.

I’m in the process of recapaturing and platforming on the text from my 2006 pre-Free The Birds 19-chapter book on why WNST exists, why I love sports and all that my Pop taught me about the world through sports and baseball. If you remember the book or any of the shows I’ve done in honor of my Pop, I hope you tune in on Thursday and share a story or two.

I think my Pop would be proud that we stood up and did the right thing in regard to the baseball team almost 2 1/2 years ago and the book and that entire event was because of my Pop and his dedication to the Orioles and to Baltimore sports as steelworker from Dundalk who just loved the local teams. And despite the fact that in 2009 the Angelos crew continues to be a vindictive, mean-spirited bunch and continues to unlawfully lock me out of their organization and deny my and my employees rightful access to do our jobs at a higher level, that won’t stop me from talking about the Orioles professionally this season on WNST or being proud that perhaps our march out of Camden Yards made a difference in some way.

After all, BALTIMORE is on the road jerseys this year.

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WNST played a MAJOR role in that decision, whether Greg Bader, John Angelos or anyone in the bought-off media here in Baltimore ever acknowledges that or not.

Hope you call in and or write something nice about your dad on Thursday.

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