Schilling unglued in the 6th..


Curt Schilling has left the game…lots of pitches, lots of time to sit between innings, lots of balls thrown in this inning…

A few random thoughts…

Coco Crisp: maybe the best name in baseball since Yogi Berra…just my opinion. I DID think Milton Bradley was pretty good!

Fans at Fenway Park: They chant "Yooooook" the way we do "Heeeeeeeeap!" I like it!

Strange weather day in Boston: It’s hot as hell in the sun, yet freezing in the shade behind home plate. I also forgot just how UNCOMFORTABLE Fenway Park is. The seats hurt your ass, they’re cramped…and it’s CROWDED!!!!

Now that the starters are out of the game, the advantage SHOULD go to the Orioles and their bullpen…we’ll see!

I pulled up legendary sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy before the game to discuss FREE THE BIRDS. He remembers when Baltimore used to be a great baseball town!

Legal’s Seafood recap: I heard the Baltimore location is leaving the Inner Harbor…what a shame! It’s some pretty, darned-good clam chowder!!

Dice K media attack: There are still dozens of Japanese media floating around the back of the press box. Several are asleep within a few feet of me. The press box attendant says when Dice K pitches, there can be as many as 150 media members from Japan alone. Reminds me of the craze that Hideo Nomo had during his first All-Star Game start in 1996.

Schilling is out. Trachsel is out. It’s 4-4, Top 7th…good ballgame!

Let’s see what $40 million-plus buys you at Fenway from the bullpen in a tied game in early May…