Scott Garceau will leave WMAR as a full-time sports anchor

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Long-time sports anchor and sports director Scott Garceau will leave his full-time gig at WMAR Channel 2 for a part-time role as a special project coordinator in the next two weeks.

My sources tell me that he’ll remain on as Sports Director Emeritus and will continue to do special events like Ravens coverage, lacrosse and the annual Turkey Bowl coverage of Loyola-Calvert Hall.

One web outlet has inaccurately been reporting that he’s “leaving WMAR.”  That’s not totally true, although he will not be doing the daily news show, perhaps as soon as next week.

Although Garceau may bristle at the notion, this could be considered “semi-retirement” from the daily grind of sports on TV after 26 years in Baltimore, where he came from Albequerque and his home area of the upper Penisula of Michigan.

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Garceau, of course, was the first “voice of the Ravens” and called Super Bowl XXXV’s victory.

An official announcement is expected by station manager Bill Hooper sometime later today.

WNST will have all of the details.

Garceau has earned legendary status for his quarter century of integrity in sportscasting in Baltimore. I’d say “he’ll be missed” but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Scott Garceau.



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