Seeing UMBC’s ‘Jay Greene’ on St. Patty’s Day

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Over my 24 years in sports media I’ve experienced a bunch of cool sports memories but yesterday I did something that was a first for me:

I went to UMBC’s Commons building and sat with the Retrievers — coaches, players, administration and supporters — and watched the CBS Selection Show awaiting word on where the Dawgs would be going.

For years, I’ve seen the TV clips of teams waiting like expectant parents at the birth of a child. In Catonsville yesterday, it was a little tense, a little intriguing and very exciting.

The place went bonkers when the announcement came of their seeding and Friday matchup in Raleigh with Georgetown.

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Drew and I managed to corral point guard Jay Greene (by far one of my favorite players to watch) and chat with him about the upcoming matchup against the Hoyas.

Click here to see our wnsTV chat with Jay Greene.

Don’t forget to clear your calendar this Friday for our big Absolut Madness party all day at Looney’s Pub in Bel Air.

Hope to see you there!

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