Seven contestants move on in Coors Light King Of Baltimore Sportstalk contest

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After an evening of fun interviews, cold beer and bad hockey and baseball in Dundalk last night at Donna’s Tavern, the Coors Light King of Baltimore Sportstalk has produced seven finalists for the two-month blogging and sports radio competition.

The seven contestants moving forward are: Todd Salkowski, Jerry Reinhardt, Luke Jones, Christopher Stoner, Tom Clayton, Lawson Lambert and Marco Romanell.

The Seven Finalists

Each of last night’s contestants were given a special “Baltimore Sports Quiz,” which was produced by a WNST interior panel of hosts. We’ll post the actual questions from the quiz on a later blog but the questions were universally deemed “hard” by most of the contestants.

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Of course, my answer to that was simple: “The JOB is hard!”

And it is…

Special thanks to our local “mystery” celebrities last night: legendary sportswriter Phil Jackman and former MLB rock star Bill Ripken came to Donna’s Tavern last night and participated and laughed with many WNST listeners and friends and families of the contestants.

The format was simple: we drew random names of hosts and then a random interview from a rotation of Jackman, Ripken, Drew Forrester, Bob Haynie and myself. The questions and interview segments were part comedy, part history and part current and relevant sports issues. All of the contestants were asked to step up their game in a live setting.

I suppose this competition has been enlightening and fun in many ways but it’s always disappointing to have to eliminate nice people from the competition and some were quite disappointed.

We will be getting the videos into wnsTV later in the day and we’ll also be featuring their segments on AM 1570 as well as in our audio vault.

The Championship of the Coors Light King of Baltimore Sportstalk competition will also feature some “surprises” and will be held on Wednesday, May 27th at Padonia Station in Timonium.

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