Should the O’s chase Frank Thomas?

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I’m just saying…

He’s available. He’s pissed. He’s got to improve some part of this lineup, somehow, some way.

But will he have other options?

Does anyone want him? (Certainly, the National League isn’t a real option…)

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What about this $10 million kick in clause for 2009? Who is on the hook for that?

Just the first few thoughts now that he’s been released for about an hour…

Drew will be on a rampage with this one tomorrow morning, I’m sure.


I’ve been watching a LOT of hockey this week.

My beloved Nashville Predators were eliminated about 20 minutes ago after a hard-fought six-game series.

They couldn’t create offense, their goalie was fabulous, but in the end the class and strength of the Detroit Red Wings was too much.

They’ve never won a playoff series. It’s been painful to be a fan, but I’m sure these are the “character building” years.


I also did a lot of Orioles watching this weekend, thinking they had a chance to pull a sweep today. I’m just shocked that they got nine innings in given the forecast. And they almost made it all the way through.

John Harbaugh and Rex Ryan looked to be in good spirits. And even if it’s only a “nice gesture” on the part of the Orioles to allow Harbaugh to throw out the first pitch today, it’s about time they did the right thing “mending the fences and building a bridge” with the purple birds.

Of course, we’ll see how it goes next Opening Day if Harbaugh leads the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

We’ll see if the Orioles ask him back then…LOL!

The Orioles are off to a great start, far exceeding anything we could’ve expected.

Dave Trembley has them at the park every day believing they can win and that’s more than half the battle. It’s good to see them play well and battle, especially against the Yankees, who have owned them for a decade.

And I do like watching Adam Jones and Luke Scott play. Fresh blood helps for me as a fan.

And Nick Markakis is a fast-maturing star. They might want to reconsider that contract thing with him soon. He’s the real deal!

The Orioles play an astonishing 17 of their next 20 on the road through May 12th when Boston makes its first trip into Baltimore.


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