Sitting home and watching the game.

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It’s been strange day.

The Orioles’ PR staff have been extremely cowardly, if not flat out incompetant, in dealing with me and my staff (not to mention Comcast Sports Net and WBAL)…The WNST press release was sent late last night and I STILL have no “official” anything from the Orioles — nothing more than a stop sign as I tried to pick up my credential today.

Seven members of my staff had “passes.” I did not.

First, I was NEVER informed of my station’s status or our credential request denial through any official source. A guy named Greg Bader, who I had never even met until he looked me in the eye at 2 p.m. behind home plate, informed me that I’m not a “real” media member anymore.

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The Orioles chose to call one of my employees just before 9 a.m. to say that, YES, we indeed DID have credentials for “selected” WNST members. I never received an email, letter, phone call…no nothing!
Actually, when I walked over to the media gate, NO ONE in my COMPANY was really sure who had a pass and who didn’t.

I walked to the media entrance with Michael Popovec, Drew Forrester and Rex Snider.
Popovec, who has been on the radio for a WEEK, actually HAD a credential…they must like his show!
Snider did not…
Drew had one, but apparently it’s kind of a “press pass lite”…he can’t ask any questions or enter the locker room.

And I, of course, was told that after 23 years in Baltimore media, that I’ve now been shown the bench…

What a class operation! But, they also informed several other organizations at the 11th hour of their intentions.

The Orioles new media policy makes it all but useless to have a press pass, but that’s not the point.

Free speech IS the point…

I believe, as a media member, it’s our job to ask the questions that I would have asked when I was just a fan going to games. The Orioles must live in some fantasy world if they really believe they are going to “control” the media in 2007.

It’s going to be a long season…

My legal team is looking into my options…and I’ll keep you informed…As an aside, I’ve made it 38 years on the planet without ever being a plantiff in a lawsuit…but I’ve never felt quite this wronged before. I’ll pursue this as far as I legally and responsibly can.

You know why?

Because next week, they might decide that they’re rather have Ray Bachman cover the team than Casey.
Or maybe next week, they’ll just decide that Drew can’t come anymore.
When the teams get to pick their reporters, you get the likes of Jim Hunter and Tom Davis — nice guys, but you’ll NEVER EVER hear the truth — you hear what Peter Angelos wants them to say.
Let’s be honest: if they said anything negative, they’d be given the Jon Miller treatment.
You’re not getting the truth, you’re getting the spin.
And as a fan, I want more than that. That’s why this radio station was created, because I had been around the media enough by the time I was 23 to know what I was getting as a fan before was second-rate.

Thanks to the MANY, MANY people who stopped me at the Wharf Rat and in front of Sports Legends Museum asking when the next Free The Birds rally is coming…And people loved the FTB skull/ski caps…You can buy them by clicking the SHOP button above…

BTW: I will be writing checks to a number of charities this week for the dough we made last September from our T-shirt sales…not as much as we hoped, but there was some charitable dough raised.

I dunno…I’m tired and I’m sad and I’m angry and I’m wistful…Opening Day used to be one of the greatest days of the year…all those memories of my childhood and how much I LOVED the Orioles…

And, now, in 2007, it’s clearly a lot different…and I’m almost sorry I went into this business…

It must be “fun” to be a “regular” fan, but I moved long past that point years ago…I’m on the “inside” (or at least I was before 2 p.m. today) and it’s really disappointing when you get to the Emerald City and pull back the curtains of baseball…

It’s a sad day for me…

At least the Ravens keep me sane…

I’ll write more later and I’ll have a Moon in the a.m.

Thanks for reading my first blog!


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