So this kid wrote me a letter…

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I love these kinds of letters that inspire me to blog. I’m really, really busy running the company right now and so involved in a huge expansion for WNST that I’m a little removed from day-to-day blogging here. You’re MUCH more likely to find me at a business networking event or in social media at Facebook and Twitter than in the actual blogging part of my life. But I’ll start writing more when things slow down and I can focus on my book. But I’m easy to find in the WNST Live Chat almost every night, during every game and will be again tonight during Caps-Habs or Orioles late night from Oakland.

(And rest assured, Free The Birds 3 is on my mind a lot given the Orioles ineptitude this week to suck the life out of baseball one more time in Baltimore…)

So today I got a “good news” baseball-oriented note from a kid on Facebook and I thought I’d just post it to see how many people would respond:

Here goes…

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Dear Mr. Aparicio,
My name is Cody Gelvar, and I am a Junior in high school at the Batlimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly for short) I am also on the varsity baseball team. This friday at 3:45 there will be two city schools, playing at Camden Yards. It will be my school, Poly vs. Digital Harbor. I believe it would be incredible if you could say something on one of your shows, or on your website. High school baseball in the city never recieves attention from anybody, and it will be an incredible experience for both the Poly and Digital Harbor teams. Entrance into the stadium is FREE and the stadium opens at 3.
This game is the biggest game of any of our lives, the more poeple (sic) to come to the Yard, the better.

A Loyal Listener,
Cody Gelvar

Is anyone going to the game?

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