Chasing The Boss in Tampa

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Well, after years and years and YEARS of waiting to meet and/or ask Bruce Springsteen a question, today it finally happened! I got to ask Bruce a question and WOW what an answer I got.

Bruce Springsteen called me a “dummy.” I’ve never been more honored!!!!

I’m running like a maniac on Radio Row right now, trying to blog, do a show, platform videos and keep the random fans that keep banging into our table and knocking it over. (We have a location that is dangerously close to the NFL Network main set and the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw sighting here caused pandemonium!)

Videos are coming soon…

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BTW: As excited as I was about getting to ask The Boss a question, I think Ray Bachman also has been having fun down here on the main floor busting my chops on the radio and getting to do a 1-on-1 with Joe Flacco, who won Rookie of The Year honors here today. Joe looked mighty dapper in his suit (a RARE scene, seeing Flacco all gussied up!).

It’s been a great, fun day in Tampa.

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