Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Another shot of spring cleaning addition after you get vaccine

Catonsville family attorney Lou Weinkam discusses spring sports on the field and a family security checkup after the vaccine.

The rituals of Ravens fans during the Festivus indoor home tailgate

We're used to being at the games. Or having friends over. Or being at an awesome place like Franco's in Catonsville. But what happens when tacos win and wings lose? Anyone else as superstitious about Ravens game day food spreads?

Curbside pizza and meatballs with a side of trusted advice on your deed

Our Catonsville partner Lou Weinkam has some end-of-year-advice on a real-life checklist for things to be thinking about amidst COVID madness. Oh, some guidance on the menu at Franco's on Frederick Road as well...

Lou Weinkam with advice on great pizza in Catonsville and protecting your deed

Lou Weinkam with advice on pizza and protecting your deed

Keeping businesses open and working together during COVID in Catonsville

It's not easy being small, independent and local during a pandemic. Teal Cary of Catonsville Chamber discusses the many challenges for local businesses during this unique holiday season.
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Latest News

The Peter Principles (Ch. 4) – The Dumb Dumb error begins in Baltimore

The Ballad of Davey Johnson begins in Baltimore in 1996. All he ever did was win baseball games. He and Peter Angelos never agreed on much. And then he was gone.

Twelve Ravens Thoughts following second open OTA

Luke Jones was back on the scene in Owings Mills for Thursday's voluntary workout.

After stress and uncertainty, Andrews relieved to have Lamar Jackson staying with Ravens “for good”

Mark Andrews said he personally "never had a doubt" about Jackson's future, but he was happy to see the deal become official.

How will Orioles manage headwinds as summer pennant race heats up in AL East?

Cedric Mullins is hurt. Start prospect Grayson Rodriguez has been an early fail for the starting rotation. John Means return has been delayed. And the Orioles bats have been colder and arms have been taxed. Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the normal headwinds of a long MLB season in a real pennant race.

An Orioles lifer wins the Home Run Riches cash on a Mountcastle bomb

John Martin of The Maryland Lottery discusses his joy in watching the Home Run Riches contest play in conjunction with some legitimate Orioles Magic in May at Camden Yards as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

The big empty in Oakland and what Vegas baseball means

Longtime baseball writer Barry Bloom discusses the pending disaster with the Oakland Athletics' hasty departure to Las Vegas, the MLB rule changes unintended consequences and the Orioles great start amidst the financial realities of the AL East.

City Connect or Nike and Angelos “fail”?

Luke Jones and Nestor debate City Connect Baltimore Orioles jerseys and prep for Ravens OTAs in Owings Mills

The pitching is becoming a problem for Orioles and Elias knows it

As the Orioles pick up the pieces from bad news on Grayson Rodriguez and the return of John Means, our Camden Yards insider Luke Jones examines the obvious pitching deficiencies and how Mike Elias might plan to keep the team headed in the right direction this summer. Especially the bullpen.
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