Teixeira goes to the Big Apple, signs with Yankees

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In a move that was only rumored by our Drew Forrester last week, the New York Yankees became the “final” bidder for the services of Mt. St. Joe grad Mark Teixeira, inking the first baseman to an 8-year, $170 million contract today to open the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Stories will abound and there will be plenty of hand-wringing at The Warehouse through the holidays, but once again Peter Angelos and the Orioles have been left at the alter as a bridesmaid to an AL East foe.

A sad day for Baltimore. Another sad commentary about the pathetic state of the Orioles and their ability to compete at any level for top-notch talent.

Another huge payday for a Scott Boras client. We’ll have plenty to say and plenty of chances to write and talk more about it. But prepare to see the Tex jerseys and the pinstripes.

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Ho, ho, ho…another Christmas with coal and switches and empty promises for anyone who loves the Orioles.

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