The biggest story in Charlotte wasn’t on the field — it was in the stands!


It’s been an interesting couple of days of meltdowns, chill outs and re-energizing the batteries for me since the wild weekend in Charlotte when our Baltimore fans essentially went down there and took over the entire city. After a 48-hour marathon of parties, beer drinking, tailgates, football and bus rides my plan on Monday was to do as little as Andy MacPhail for a day and I can honestly say I failed.

Even when I wasn’t trying, I STILL got more done than the Orioles did on Monday and Tuesday.

But seeing the “old media” coverage of the magnificence of the events in Carolina was almost laughable given how many miles I put on the tread seeing Baltimoreans of all walks of life come to life in Charlotte on Saturday and Sunday. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I’ll show you what I’m seeing and when I see it.

This is what I saw Saturday night:


It really occurred to me as I perused the field from the 20-yard line and saw thick swaths of purple throughout the teal building and everywhere in concourses and stands that Sunday was a transcendent day for Baltimore fans and sports.

It was a “jump the shark” kind of day for the Baltimore Ravens as a franchise of relevance – moving from being a team with a small local fan base to becoming one that is becoming far more of a “national” brand when the franchise is picking up hardcore fans from other cities who descend upon road games as well and mix and mingle with Baltimore residents.

Displaced Baltimore fans make up a nice percentage of the users to and our Baltimore sports web community. Through the magic of the internet I can even see where my visitors come from and it’s all over the map when you consider that over the last 15 years there have been many Baltimoreans who have had to leave town