The NFL Draft moving to Friday nights


The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that the NFL is seriously considering moving the first round of the NFL Draft into a Friday night primetime spot.

And here’s my initial reaction: who WOULDN’T WATCH???

Of course, the NFL is on the front-end of this thing, because the draft gets bigger and bigger every year.

So while the NBA draft becomes a yawn, the NHL is toling in anonymity and the MLB idiots can’t find ANY way to think a little “outside the box,” the first-place with a bullet NFL is pondering adding a THIRD day of excitement to our special April weekend.

Good for Roger Goodell!

The rumor is that the draft would revved up on Friday night and would include only the first round.

Teams would get to sleep overnight before making their second-round picks.

What a world we live in, huh?

I vote “YES” for Friday night draft action!