The waiting is the hardest part…

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We, at WNST, are very pragmatic about the journalism being employed today.

Either Jason Garrett IS the coach of the Ravens, or he’s NOT. It’s like being pregnant. You are or aren’t.

Right now, he’s not. Not yet, anyway.

Comcast Sports Net says he IS. And while ESPN reports that he’s “been offered the job” with a report that no doubt came from Jerry Jones’ camp and/or the Garrett-led negotiation team of David Dunn.

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Meanwhile, ProFootballTalk is reporting that it “isn’t even close.” Who to believe? We will not be the media organization that reports something false first. We’d rather be second and accurate than first and wrong.

We saw what happened with Orioleshangout last week in their phantom reporting of the Brian Roberts trade.

When the deal is signed, we’ll bring it to you.

And you’ll get it on the text service first. Just click here to join! It takes about 20 seconds to join, it’s free and it REALLY works. Just ask around town…it’s the best service we provide for our company and it’s REALLY COOL! Sign up, and the instant it’s confirmed, your phone will come to life. The 21st century is cool like that!

Today’s signing of Garrett is tricky on a lot of levels.

First, he has a LOT of options. Other teams (Atlanta, Dallas and maybe Washington) want him. He could go back to Dallas for a big payday as an assistant and a chance to be the future head coach of the Cowboys. Plus, Dick Cass is involved on the Ravens’ side and there is some relationship there with Jerry Jones from many years ago, which adds instrigue.

Rex Ryan is waiting in the wings. Every time you see John Harbaugh’s name leak out, you should know that the Ravens are telling Garrett: WE have options, too!

There’s no way of telling how this will all work itself out this afternoon.

But they are in the same room and have been for more than four hours.

There’s no reason to believe a deal WON’T happen.

But money, years, power, structure, expectations — there’s a LOT to sort through here in a few hours.

But we’ll be accurate and report it when it actually happens. Not a second earlier.

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