Today oughta be interesting..


With the Orioles on a rampage, I decided to fly to Tampa today to check out all the hullabaloo.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have provided a media credential for tonight’s game in St. Petersburg, and with a hundred hands on deck at WNST to cover today’s purple “Liars Luncheon”, I am heading to BWI to catch a flight to 80-degree Florida for the day.  I will be arriving at the stadium around 3 p.m. and will calling in with Ballpark Reports for Rob Long, and perhaps, Michael Popovec.

Another nice win by the Birds last night!  The kind of game that, if they become anything special this year, they’ll remember.
Down 7-1? And win? On the road? Once Loewen got knocked around? And after they treated the baseball like a ‘hot potato’ earlier in the game?  Impressive enough.  But they are the Devil Rays! At least it appears as though fifth place isn’t a viable option all of a sudden for the O’s. (Remember, they were 3-6 just a quick weather system ago!).

It’ll be good to see Sam Perlozzo and Leo Mazzone, two guys I’ve always gotten along well with over the years. I haven’t spoken to Perlozzo since he’s become the manager, and I know hard he worked and how badly he wanted a chance.

It’ll be fun to be a ballpark reporter for a day.

Stay tuned for more stories, insights and reports from Tampa!

Today will be my FIRST baseball game from that stadium!  So, another one checked off my list…