Yankee Stadium on ice?

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Because you KNOW I have a major soft spot for hockey, I thought I’d throw this one up for debate.

The NHL is getting serious about playing a hockey game at Yankee Stadium after the pinstripers end their season there next winter.

If you saw the Buffalo game on New Year’s Day and you even THINK you might like hockey, then you know how cool a hockey game in the Bronx would be.

Always makes me wonder “what if” on the subject of hockey and the NHL in Baltimore. If the Clippers would have entered the NHL in the 1960’s, what would’ve happened?

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Could Baltimore have become a good “hockey town” like Philadephia, Pittsburgh or St. Louis, who all DID get those franchises and did a pretty fair job with those markets?

Or would it have been like Cleveland, another rust belt city that hockey seemed to “skip” en its route toward “cult like” status in other places?

Where are my hockey people?

If I ever got rich, the first thing I’d do is bring a hockey team to Baltimore…




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