A video bet…


During our weekly sales meeting today, we captured a future bit on wnsTV when Drew Forrester STARTED our meeting by throwing down the gauntlet: "The Orioles WILL sign Matt Wieters by midnight," he bellowed.

I quickly pulled $50 out of my pocket — and I NEVER, EVER bet anybody about anything…EVER!!!

But, I got 50 clams that says there’s no WAY they’ll sign Wieters before midnight. (Now of course, if Peter Angelos gets a wind of this, he’ll sign him just to cost me $50).

Just my two cents…and Drew will be buying me SEVERAL Chinese lunches come 8 a.m. tomorrow when I’m in the studio wagging my finger and telling him, "I told you so!"

They’re the Orioles…

It’s an easy bet, I think!