WOW…Matt Wieters signs with the Orioles!


Miracles DO exist!

The Orioles did something RIGHT…and we’re all celebrating, simply because they DID what they’re SUPPOSED to do — signed their first round draft pick!

Can you imagine us having a parade in Baltimore because the Ravens SIGNED their draft pick?

Again, they have Matt Wieters and I hope he goes to the Hall of Fame right behind Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra!

But their problems extend much further than a catcher from Georgia Tech.

But it’s a start.

Good for them!

I hope the kid doesn’t live to regret bending his demands at the 11th hour. The Orioles have to FIX things for HIM as much as they do for me and you!

They’re still seven games under .500, 15 1/2 games behind the Red Sox and in the midst of their 10th straight horrible season.

They’re still at war with their own community and fanbase, if scouting director Joe Jordan’s comments in The Sun are any indication.

But, again, all they know how to do and want to do is FIGHT with people.

Last night, they beat up Scott Boras, and NO ONE is shedding a tear about that around MLB, I assure you!

Oriole Magic…feel it happen!