Angels the latest to pull rug on Boras and Teixeira


Who knows whether it’s posturing or business or an actual decision, but Arte Moreno and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have apparently pulled their eight-year offer to Mark Teixeira. The beat goes on and we’re now 72 hours out on Christmas and it doesn’t feel like Tex is getting any closer to making a decision and the Orioles are the only team that hasn’t said or done anything this week. As usual, because the communication from The Warehouse is still done by carrier pidgeon while the rest of the world is texting and using Facebook and the internet to get business done.

I’ve been writing about it for two weeks and it gets more fascinating every day with the gamesmanship being displayed on all sides, allowing the fans into their dirty little world of $100 milion poker. Watching a bunch of rich, morally bankrupt guys try to bamboozle each other. It’s a whole “game within the game.”

We’re not done with this by a long shot it seems, the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes.

I’m gonna need more butter for my popcorn…