Thursday, October 6, 2022


Finding your personal Patterson Park Pagoda in lieu of a diamond this spring

Longtime baseball insider (and cool musician) at The Washington Post Dave Sheinin joins Nestor to discuss the joys of writing about life in East Baltimore as the weather changes and the Orioles work on that zero point zero.

What is future of Baltimore and Washington baseball living together in ugly MASN deal?

Longtime baseball executive Marty Conway joins Nestor for a a deep dive on the future of MASN and Orioles and Nats in the aftermath of many familiar faces being axed at the once-wealthy television network. Cutting the cord on the fiction...

Marty Conway and Nestor take a deep dive on the future of MASN and Orioles and Nats

Marty Conway and Nestor take a deep dive on the future of MASN and Orioles and Nats

Orioles, Nats and MASN Money for Dummies: A complete primer on how Peter Angelos has lied and pocketed your dough

Hey Nats and Orioles fans: here are the facts in adding up where your missing cable TV dollars have gone. Hint: search pockets of Mr. Angelos

With Nats-Orioles series looming, we get more stupid comments from Peter Angelos

It’s another interesting spring weekend for the local baseball aficionados in the area who bring their civic report cards as well as a copy of the MLB standings with them to the ballpark. The Baltimore Orioles are once again...

A weekend of MASN and Baltimore and Washington and “Battle of Basement”

Well, if they weren’t going to get the sweep at least they lost in dramatic fashion. Jamie Walker gave up a prodigious grand slam to Adam Dunn in the 7th inning and the Nats beat the O’s 8-5 to...

Proof: Pittsburgh really does suck more than Baltimore

I'm doing my usual Memorial Day "chill" downtown in the world's most beautiful city -- that's Baltimore, folks -- and scanning the web and tripped across an piece about the Pittsburgh Pirates and their ineptitude. I intuitively knew they...

I’m dreaming of Tex Christmas…ESPN says signing is imminent

But where? Where will Mark Teixeira sign today (if indeed, today is the day). Again, this has been the most following story since Palcyznski... ESPN's Buster Olney says today is the day. Apparently the Orioles are still dangling seven years...

Angels the latest to pull rug on Boras and Teixeira

Who knows whether it's posturing or business or an actual decision, but Arte Moreno and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have apparently pulled their eight-year offer to Mark Teixeira. The beat goes on and we're now 72 hours...

Christmas deadline for Teixeira? Not really…

Want the craziest true story I’ve heard in Dallas in my first 24 hours? Apparently, I missed running into Mark Teixeira and Scott Boras in the lobby of the Ravens team hotel here in “Big D” by 15 hours....
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Ravens practice without Bateman, Houston, Hill while Edwards returns to field

After beginning the season on the PUP list, running back Gus Edwards officially began his 21-day practice window on Wednesday.
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