Army-Navy game was lame…

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It’s the third quarter of the Army-Navy game and the score is 24-3.

I’m back at home in my living room.

It was so WEIRD walking into that stadium and having it have such little energy or emotion. Especially for a game that we thought would be CHARGED with emotion.

We thought they’d be singing songs, leading cheers, making noise, flying flags, etc.

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Instead, the stadium was like a morgue. There were many empty seats on the southside of the stadium, probably because it was beyond chilly in the shade.

My seats were in the sun, and we were toasty warm. But it was lame, really.

We didn’t leave because it was cold or the game was a bit lopsided.

We left because it was boring and there was very little "atmosphere" at the game. It was kinda like watching a scrimmage.

Granted, I sat on the Army side, but even when they led a nice drive and made a few defensive stops, the crowd on the Cadets’ side was quiet, sitting on their hands.

There were semi-funny skits on the video boards during the TV timeouts. There were also some very emotional stories about Navy and Army service members who have endured tragedy at war.

Again, this doesn’t speak to my patriotism or my convictions. I just wanted to have some fun at a football game, seeing the most traditional of traditional games just a few blocks from my house.

For pre-game hype, it was cool. Both sides had paratroopers launch onto the field from high above the Inner Harbor.

There were TWO flyovers. First jets, then Blackhawk helicopters! The National Anthem was emotional (with just a teeny smattering of "Oooe’s" during the reading).

But the game — as a casual observer who has no rooting interest — it was a tremendous snooze.

We decided it might actually be better on television, and you know what?

It is! Right now, Roger Staubach and Pete Dawkins are talking Army-Navy football heritage and tradition. MUCH better than sitting in the upper deck  yawning!

We tried. We gave it an honest effort. But it just wasn’t a lot of fun.

And it was DEFINITELY weird to be in the stadium without seeing as much as a handful of Ravens hats, swag or anything, really, during the afternoon.

I’m still holding out for a miracle on Monday night.

Ravens 24, Patriots 22

There…I’m a freaking homer…what can I say?

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