I’ve given in to going to Army-Navy game

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I have woken up on this morning about a dozen times over the years, the morning of an Army-Navy game, and talked about going.

MANY times, I thought about driving up to Philadelphia to see the game, but usually wussed out because it’s cold, it’s a drive, the ticket price, or just plain apathy about a game in which I have no rooting interest.

And did I mention that I hate sitting in the cold?

In the end, I would’ve gone for the sheer pageantry of the event.

So, this morning, a WNST listener/friend was kind enough to extend an overnight email offer and my wife has completely twisted my arm into sitting in the cold for three hours and paying $100 to watch a game I have no rooting interest in — and alas, it looks as though I’ll be attending my first Army-Navy game today!

Incidentally, the only other time the game was played here, I was doing an appearance for Sporting News Radio in Los Angeles, and spent my weekend vomiting at the Marriott on Century Boulevard outside L.A.X. I got the flu on the West Coast and literally thought I was going to die on the third floor of a n airport hotel 3,000 miles from my family. It was Ravens bye week during the Super Bowl year.

So, I have no idea what to expect today. But I can’t look out my downtown window without seeing motorcades, cadets, people in uniform and a litany of Army and Navy support throughout downtown.

A "once in a lifetime" opportunity, my wife tells me.

I think it’s an opportunity to try out my new heated socks…and my Michelin man outfit…and my Ravens thermals…

A full report will be available on wnsTV soon…

(The real truth: I’m waiting for the Ravens to shock the world on Monday night!)

Any Army-Navy "war" stories from Baltimore folks?

Lemme know below…

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