Aubrey Huff is a liar

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It’s great to see Aubrey Huff back peddling and Roch Kubatko playing the role of “intermediary” in allowing Huff to back down from everything he said on Thursday’s nationally syndicated “Bubba The Love Sponge.”

It’s great for Andy McPhail to say that he hasn’t seen the video or heard the audio clips.

It’s also great for Kubatko to write about the “event” and anecdotally say that no one at The Sun could obtain the damaging evidence.

Well, we here at not only have the AUDIO and the VIDEO formats of the interview, and the stuff he did is actually so “bad” that we’re torn about how much we should show or even link on our website. Even the transcripts of the thing – and that would be the EASIEST thing to platform here – are so off-the-charts spicy that we’re really kind of embarrassed to put it up on the site.

The show he appeared on is done “Howard Stern,”-uncensored style. The entire video platform on “Bubbaraw TV” contains a young lady named Melissa Midwest sitting naked two feet away from Aubrey Huff, who appears to be anywhere from drooling to fascinated to interested. There’s body paint and nonstop talk of anal sex, masturbation and her porno career and website. It went off for about an hour.

Let me first say that I’m no prude. From adult entertainment to nude women to pornography, it’s not for me to judge. I’m a libertarian of the highest order. I like sex and naked women as much as anyone. And I have no particular problem with the use of profanity or locker room talk. I have my own salty, Dundalk-ness, which most anyone would confirm.

But, that said, how STUPID can Aubrey Huff be to come on the air and discuss how much he loves to masturbate in his hotel room? And he how much he loves to order porno in his hotel room on roadtrips? And how much he loves to drink red bull and vodka?


Not to mention calling Baltimore a “horseshit” town. And as much as that statement was played up on Friday, that’s the LEAST of his sins on the show.

Trust me, this is a VERY, VERY graphic piece of videotape, which will make ANYONE associated with MLB and the Orioles very, very ill. They’re in the business of selling baseball to kids and to families, and this was a VERY “not ready for primetime” piece of programming. Disney radio and video this was NOT!

As bad as it is to urinate on your employer’s marketplace when you’re making $8 million a year, it’s NOTHING compared to the content of this particular program and Huff’s status as a major league baseball representative.

Seriously, in my 23 years of doing sports reporting, I’ve never seen such an intentional act of stupidity as Huff appearing on this radio show that has a distinct video element, which is out on the internet for anyone to see.

He can lie all he wants. McPhail can play “dumb” if he wishes. But if I platform these videos, all hell is gonna break loose at The Warehouse. And honestly, I won’t have to do it. The mere fact that I have it means that EVERYONE will have it soon enough, because there are enough people in Tampa who hate Huff enough to share with the world how embarrassing his performance on “Bubba The Love Sponge” was.

Huff curses constantly, is drinking on the air, complimenting a leg-spread-open nude porn star again and again, and openly mocking baseball, the Orioles, the Devil Rays and fans of baseball. It went on for the better part of an hour and it was relentless.

Even Bubba mentioned several times how crazy some of Aubrey Huff’s comments were, and how the folks at the MLB players’ association might not be too happy.

It makes locker room talk look sanitized, to be honest with you. It’s a BRUTAL display of arrogance and lack of accountability for what he does for a living and how much money he makes and who he is representing.

Honestly, it’s almost like he WANTS the Orioles to get rid of him. And I’d be shocked if MLB and the players’ association don’t get involved before it’s over with.

And I’d be REALLY shocked if Peter Angelos doesn’t get involved in wanting to nullify his contract. Even Sidney Ponson never did anything THIS stupid! (At least not on videotape, anyway!)

McPhail can act like this didn’t happen. Kubatko and others in the media can either downplay it or say that the “evidence” is unavailable.

That’s all a lie.

We at WNST HAVE the videotape AND the audio tape. PLENTY of people in Tampa have it and are sending it to guys like me. Right down to Huff singing country music songs and talking about how watching any film on hitting is a waste of time.

The only question now is about how low we’re willing to stoop to share the evidence with Baltimore, and apparently the Orioles front office. And you KNOW we’ll be called the “bad guys” when we share this stuff, which is in everyone’s best interests (other than Bubba The Love Sponge) to cover up.

Again, it’s so salty that there might be some porno rules about posting this kind of stuff on the net. I don’t even know.

But, it’s NOT WNST’s fault that Aubrey Huff went on a TV/radio show with a pornstar for an hour and talked smack about Baltimore, about baseball and, ultimately embarrassed himself royally.

Honestly there WAS no pertinent show content, other than sex and nudity and foul language. And the occasional mocking of baseball itself and what goes on "behind the scenes."

(For the record, Melissa Midwest was a very attractive young lady!)

But we have it. We’ve seen it. We’ve heard it. And we won’t have to “share it” for it to be seen.

If Aubrey Huff ever puts on an Oriole uniform again, it would be a further disgrace to the franchise – perhaps the biggest disgrace ever.

But considering all we’ve seen over the past decade, it might just be a blip on the screen. They are the Orioles, after all.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse…

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