The worst of times …


The game has been over for about an hour, and I’m trying to think of a lower time to be a Ravens fan, or a game as bad as the one we witnessed (and froze through) today.

The penalties …

The turnovers …

The lack of execution …

It’s always something, but it always comes back to the offense just being ineffective.

The defense, playing as short as you can image with guys we’ve never heard of (Willie Gaston? BTW: he’ll be our guest at Piv’s tomorrow night along with Marshall Yanda), and still holding Carson Palmer and the Bengals touchdown-less.

It was just a painful game all the way around, the worst I can remember sitting through in Baltimore since the Ravens came to town.

The mere fact that there were 50,000 empty seats midway through the fourth quarter would give a very real show of the public’s confidence in the team’s ability to score points.

Once the score got to 9-0, it felt hopeless, even if it truly wasn’t.

Steve McNair looks like an old man. He doesn’t look to be in shape. He doesn’t appear to have any positive body language or confidence.

And in his postgame interview, he all but said he expects to be replaced this week by Kyle Boller.

Which is more than Ray Lewis had to say after the game. Lewis spent time on his phone, turned, made a one sentence statement and rolled without facing any questions. (Apparently, he’s miffed about his postgame comments from Pittsburgh being overblown.)

But back to the core issue: the offense.

What’s stopping a change at quarterback? Certainly not consumer confidence, which is already eying April’s draft after today’s lackluster effort.

"FIRE BILLICK" yell the masses!

I doubt that there’s any possibility he’ll be gone with so much time and money remaining on his contract. But obviously, the next seven weeks things are going to get worse before they get better.

The mere notion of the travel, the Patriots, the Colts and Steelers still coming around on the calendar appear to make for many cold, long afternoons into evenings down at the stadium.

The boo birds were out in full force today, and I honestly can’t even find fault with booing today’s efforts by the team.

It was just atrocious, actually worse than the drubbing in Pittsburgh six days ago.

Clearly, last year was a long, long time ago.

And this team, deep down, isn’t very good.