Baseball Memories contest update…

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I am amidst a PILE of "Baseball Memories" stories, which have been even better (and did we mention a DEEP pile?) than I anticipated.

Looks like I’m not the ONLY one who could write a few books about their magic moments with the game!

Just wanted to update the many of you who wrote us…

We’re ON it…we’re grading…we’re working diligently…and it’s REALLY hard because they are all so different, so poignant, so funny and the real gift?

I’m getting to read them and relive the "Magic" myself on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee…

And after spending the last two days surrounded by Red Sox fans (who, I swear to God, it feels like they’re coming out of the water and up from the sewers)…well, it’s comforting to know that baseball used to mean as much to me and you as it does to them!

Again, the videos are there…just a click away on wnsTV!

They give me hope that one day I might care as much as THEY do again, and it inspires me to see how much joy and love and friendship and family (I’ve seen a DOZEN family reunion groups who are using a weekend in Baltimore to bring EVERYONE in their family here for baseball, family and the Red Sox!!). Baseball brings A LOT OF MAGIC to their lives in New England.

They are STILL CREATING weekends like this one at the "Innaaa Haaah-bahh" — and it’s these pictures and videos and memories and stories that THEY’LL enter into a contest one day if the Red Sox win the World Series this year.

Baseball could be a great thing for Baltimore. Just from a financial standpoint, the amount of commerce being done down here this weekend is STAGGERING! Hundreds of dollars for every head with a hat with "B" on it. And there are at LEAST 25,000 Red Sox fans who have camped out in downtown Baltimore this weekend.

I just did the math…if 25,000 people spend, on average, $400 per head this weekend in Baltimore (hotel, car, taxi, food, tips, T-shirts, airline ticket, beer, food, strippers, room service, game tickets, stadium concession prices) = $10 MILLION in revenue this weekend. And there are WAAAAY more than 25,000 of them here…I’m being conservative!

I have videos from the Inner Harbor on Thursday and it didn’t appear that the Orioles brought 10 cents to downtown for the Mariners game.

As for the REAL Orioles fans:

Too bad for me and you and Brian Roberts and Dave Trembley that the idiots who own the team and the sycophants, liars and "yes men" they employ don’t GET "IT."


They don’t "get it" because they don’t love baseball like we do…or like these Red Sox fans do.

Because if they DID, they would NEVER, EVER, EVER allow it to get this bad without doing something about it.

Shame on them!

Back to my Sunday reading…GREAT stuff!

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