So just HOW MANY Boston fans are here?


I will file a video blog later in the week in reaction to this freaking embarrassment going on in downtown Baltimore with the sea of Red…you know, the city we come to 10 times a year and pack with a sea of purple?

In the meantime, there are FOUR fresh wnsTV videos for you to enjoy…and if you’re a TRUE Orioles fan, you WILL NOT enjoy them but you should watch them anyway and see where the Orioles franchise stands circa August 2007.

Two weeks after 70,000 sat on a hill in Cooperstown for Cal Ripken’s big day, those hardcores were mostly non-existent downtown today.

Just go to wnsTV and pick your video of choice…

They all paint a VERY accurate and UNBIASED eye on the situation.

Most have a minimal amount of editing and many are time-released shots.

Bring a barf bag…