Can you play hooky from work for O’s on Monday?

crab baltimore positive sm
crab baltimore positive sm
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If you can, feel free to join me in the upper deck of left field tomorrow for the potential “breaking out of the brooms” at Camden Yards.

Orioles Magic, feel it happen!

(This is a bandwagon that has plenty of room, trust me from the looks of that empty stadium!)

I could even be talked into a pre-game brew at Hooters, especially since I missed last week’s opener. I’m into some wings and beer before the game if anyone is game!

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Feel free to comment below if you’re interested in having some fun while the team is:

A. In first place

B. On a four-game winning streak

C. Has the chance to sweep Seattle

The matchup is Carlos Silva and Daniel Cabrera, which means PLENTY of baserunners and offense. The weather is supposed to be 51 degrees and cloudy. Bring a sweater!

And besides, I’m doing the morning show for Drew on Tuesday as he visits the “Holy Land” of Augusta National on Tuesday so researching the game will be fun since I get to talk about it the next morning. (Just like old times!)

Now THAT is going to be some sweet wnsTV, seeing Drew talk about the Masters live from Augusta! (He’s a FREAK about golf! This would be like me drinking from the Stanley Cup in the locker room of a Predators celebration!)

Oh, did I mention the Preds got the 8 seed in the West. Detroit is first up — yikes!

Feel the “Magic” happen at 3 p.m. on Monday at Camden Yards. Who wants to have fun at a ballgame?

P.S. Bring your parents who are over 55 and you get a sweet “old school” cartoon bird tote bag with the 1983 World Series logo. If the weather were better, I’d bring my 88-year old Mom just to get the bag!

Plenty of good seats are available…



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