Damn…get it OVER with already!


The media is tired. The Ravens’ front office must be whipped. And the fans are worn out waiting.

Every single sign that could possibly point toward the Ravens’ coronation of John Harbaugh as the third coach of the team is emanating out of The Bellagio.

Reports from Philadelphia indicate that Harbaugh came down today ready to take the job.

Harbaugh’s agent has been unabashed about his client’s desire to be here.

And, again, it would be “The Ozzie Way” to call on the “next man up,” who Harbaugh has been all along.

It’s been 18 days of waiting, it’s late on Friday (and we should ALL be out listening to Jimmy Buffett and having a TGIF cocktail), but we’re glued to the activity in Owings Mills.

If they DO hire Harbaugh, I hope they have indeed found their “future Hall of Famer.” I’ve heard he’s a Hall of Fame person.

I know many friends and associates of Harbaugh, and they all say he’s going to be an excellent head coach.

We’ll keep you in the loop, and if you REALLY want to know FIRST, just join the text service.

We’ve got you covered!