TGIF means John Harbaugh

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John Harbaugh is in Owings Mills. The media stakeout has been greatly reduced. And once again, the unexpected is suddenly expected in Owings Mills.

The Ravens told the media to go home yesterday. At some point, they “snuck” John Harbaugh into town.

Can you blame them after what happened on Tuesday? I can’t honestly say I would’ve done it any differently.

Here’s what I know…

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My sources tell me it’s “50-50” whether they offer him the job. At this point, it’s pretty obvious Harbaugh would take the job as quickly as they would offer it (which makes him a better person than Jason Garrett, in my opinion).

While the rest of the traditional media was following the Marty Schottenheimer story, the Ravens FINALLY look like they’re doing things Ozzie Newsome’s way — the famed and much-discussed “PROCESS.”

If the first 10 days of interviews and looks produced Jason Garrett as the best, and John Harbaugh as No. 2, then if Ozzie is running the thing it’s NOT a shock that Harbaugh is back.

It’s the same way he runs the draft. Research it, rank it and then execute it. That’s been Ozzie’s history.

Now, will they hire Harbaugh?

Who knows?

If they spent three hours with him two weeks ago, why not sneak him in on a Friday — when no one really EXPECTS them to hire him — and spend another day with him and make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, that’s he’s the right guy.

Patience will serve them well in this process. The last thing they need is to be hiring another coach in the next 36 months.

P.S. Many people are asking about Brian Billick. I have a first-hand account  that he’s alive and well and will come out of the basement when he’s ready to speak. That’s not right now, and I think in ALL of the decisions, debacles and embarrassments that have come from Owings Mills since the morning of Dec. 31, he’s certainly — as expected — taken the highest road. He’s consistent like that. So I wouldn’t expect him to trash the organization in any way when he does come up for air. Just my two cents…


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