A plea from Mt. St. Joe for Jim Schwartz


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But I did get an interesting email today and I’ll post it here with Steve’s permission…

The Baltimore Ravens are interviewing their second round of head coaching possibilities this week and it has been leaked that Jason Garrett and John Harbaugh are the team’s #1 and #2 choice to replace previous head coach Brian Billick.
The team believes these two gentlemen are prime candidates, but for some reason they have left out a person from the pool of even first round candidates that has more experience than both Garrett and Harbaugh…Jim Schwartz.
Since Jason Garrett is the Raven’s #1 choice, he will be the person in comparison to Jim.
Jim Schwartz is the same age as Jason Garrett, 41, both being born in 1966.  Jim graduated from Mt. St. Joe in Baltimore and graduated from Georgetown University where he played linebacker and was named team captain (so he’s just as smart as Garrett who graduated from Princeton.  He started his coaching career in 1989 as a graduate assistant for the University of Maryland as their linebackers coach.  He started his career in the NFL under Bill Belichick when he was the Browns’ head coach in Cleveland, doing research and personnel stuff for him.  While with the Ravens, he coached their outside linebackers and was a “quality control” coach (sounds like a position of a disciplinarian to me).  He left the Ravens’ organization 8 years ago when he went to the Titans and was their Linebackers coach for 2 years before becoming their defensive coordinator, which he has been for the past 6 years (so that means the guy was a coordinator at the age of 35…wow…Garrett just became one at the age of 40 and only has 3 years of coaching experience).
There are a lot more arguments in favor of Jim over Jason, but as you can quickly see, Schwartz is a much better suited and qualified person for the Ravens’ head coaching position than the club’s number one choice of Jason Garrett…and let’s not forget their backup plan, John Harbaugh, who was a special teams coordinator for 7 years for the Eagles before becoming the their secondary coach last year.  John has no experience as either a defensive or offensive coordinator in the NFL.
*all of this information can be found on the Titan’s Radio Website
Thanks again Nestor for your response email last year.  Continued success to you, your family, and your radio station.
Steve L.