How “charming”? A continuing war between the Orioles and Ravens for Sept. 5th


In honor of my dear friend and mentor John Eisenberg (who will be mentioned as a spiritual advisor to “Purple Reign 2: Faith, Family & Football – A Baltimore Love Story” next month), I proudly present “Facts & Opinions” regarding the Baltimore Ravens’ ugly issue with the NFL Kickoff Game and parking space on September 5, 2013:

Fact: The Baltimore Orioles have full rights and use of Camden Yards and the entire downtown sports marketplace on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Opinion: If the Baltimore Orioles were owned be me – or anyone like me who actually puts Baltimore FIRST – I’d be doing anything in my power to make sure the city doesn’t suffer the loss of this kind of event.

Fact: Peter Angelos hasn’t said anything regarding moving his baseball team’s game on that night.

Opinion: If Peter Angelos wanted to move the 7:05 p.m. start to earlier in the day or onto Saturday for a day/night doubleheader, it would be getting done.

Fact: The NFL has played on Rosh Hashana (and other Jewish & religious holidays) before and has played on Thanksgiving and Christmas regularly.

Opinion: If the Ravens were serious about opening at home, Steve Bisciotti would raise hell with Roger Goodell and NBC about moving the game to Tuesday or Wednesday – TV ratings be damned! And he should punch his 31 partners in the kidneys if this game winds up in Denver or Pittsburgh.

Fact: It takes agreement from Major League Baseball, the Baltimore Orioles, the Chicago White Sox and the Major League Baseball Players’ Assoication to move a game.

Opinion: MLB is not going to do anything to help the NFL at this point when they’re being dominated across the board. The entire notion that a Ravens opening game is more significant than a Thursday night baseball game for Baltimore in September is highly offensive to anyone involved in baseball.

Fact: The NFL decided to start playing games and programming on Sunday nights directly against the World Series two years ago.

Opinion: Bud Selig has a long memory.

Fact: The NFL is the biggest sports league in the United States of America.

Opinion: Major League Baseball still thinks it’s the biggest sports league in the USA.

Fact: The 2013 NFL schedule is coming soon.

Opinion: The Baltimore Ravens will be opening the 2013 season in Denver on Thursday, Sept. 5.

Fact: Baltimore will lose a LOT of money, prestige and a “world’s stage night” if the NFL season doesn’t open here on Thursday, Sept. 5.

Opinion (and the only one on this issue I share with Drew Forrester): I’d be shocked if Peter Angelos doesn’t move the game to a 3:05 p.m. start just to be the a**hole he’s always been. If ANYONE else on EARTH owned the Orioles, the Ravens would be cordially invited to the facility so that Baltimore could win.

Once again, when given a chance to show his “class” or his “ass” the owner of the Baltimore Orioles has gone Pontius Pilate in giving his “hometown” a chance to have a civic celebration of mammoth proportions over ego, money, petty greed and just saying “It was MINE first!”

Typical. Predicable. If you’ve been paying attention to the way the Baltimore Orioles operate, you knew it was never going to happen. But, somehow, the optimist in Steve Bisciotti believed Angelos would be generous and Selig would be reasonable. That somehow, the Ravens could find a way to appease or compensate the Orioles and make the switch or turn it into a doubleheader that benefits the entire community and maybe even sells the Orioles more tickets if the Ravens encouraged fans to attend the baseball game first.

And the NFL and MLB have moved dates for half a century, even more so when they shared more than half of the stadiums in the league during the 1960’s through the 1990’s.

But the “peace” offerings didn’t happen this week in New York or Baltimore at any level. Nobody in Baltimore got what they wanted. The Ravens are on the road. The fans got screwed. Denver gets a kickoff night.

Oh, that’s right. Peter Angelos and the Orioles got what they wanted — the stadium on Thursday, Sept. 5th. And, again, it was theirs all along so they were under no obligation to do anything.

And now the Ravens and everyone else are blaming everyone BUT the Orioles and MLB for not being a little more generous and sensible.

There’s culpability all around — for NBC, for the Ravens, Goodell, the NFL and obviously for the Orioles, whose bull roast is more important than the Ravens prom at the event space called Camden Yards and downtown Baltimore.

But there is no sense here – only dollars.

And egos.

This is the beginning — or the continuation — of two sports teams and two owners who are not spiritually aligned here in the Charm City.

I always told you and Steve Bisciotti and Dick Cass the same thing: you try to get along with the old man but it’s impossible.

Hope everyone enjoys that Orioles game on Sept. 5. And this is only the beginning. We’ll be hearing and talking about this one all summer as we pack our bags for Denver on Labor Day.



  1. You’re a fuc%ing idiot for blaming the Orioles. You look to blame them for everything. Go to hell you stupid bastard.

  2. Please Nestor, I’d love to see some proof to all this slandering you’re doing of Angelos. Why don’t you try doing some actual reporting for the first time in your life? You sir are a disgrace to Baltimore, and I’m embarrassed to say that you are from Baltimore.

  3. In light of the huge hole of ill will the Orioles have dug for themselves the past 14 years, accommodating the Ravens & their fans would have been a good start to refilling that PR hole. Unfortunately, the O’s brass is as out of touch with its fans as the thieves & jokers in Annapolis & Washington, D.C. are from their constituents. The O’s management continue to prove what a bunch of wankers they are. Sheesh! Cheere.

  4. As difficult as it’s been with the loss of some key players from our SB roster, I’m fine with it. It happens, we’re retooling, it’s a business, etc. The loss of our opening night is something I’m not fine with and can’t seeem to come to terms with. I’m beside myself to say the least.

    I personally blame Angelos, Goodell and Selig, with each sharing equal amounts of the blame. Correction, Angelos gets a little more in my book just because he’s been a thorn in the side of Baltimore for more years than I care to look back upon.

    Here’s the solution, especially for those that keep bringing up the whole thing about the O’s and Sox could be in a pennant race and their respective rotations would be thrown out of wack:

    Play an extra game in Chicago during the series that’s scheduled in the first freaking week of July ! No pennant race then and Chicago would get an extra game as compensation. Bisciotti compensates Angelos as he’s on record stating he would do just that. We the fans get to partake in what we deserve, a SB party to open up the NFL season.

    Go Ravens !!!

    P.S. Angelos, go to hell !!!

  5. The really sensible solution here is to make the home opener a Monday night game. Either one week earlier or that Monday night. Everyone wins.

  6. How come all the “suits” can’t figure this out and us Baltimorons (as the NFL would like to think of us as) can. Thursday Night Sept 5 49’rs play Seattle (the niners made the Super Bowl Too) Sunday Night Sept 8 Ravens/ Patriots. with celebration of both Super bowl teams on the given nights. Two Great match ups on nights that NBC can dominate in ratings . Problem Solved. James- Dundalk

  7. Brian, that wouldn’t work. MLB has a rule that states that teams can’t play more than 20 consecutive games (might be days). In either case, the Orioles would be playing well over 20 straight days of games if that were to happen. Either that or they’d have to have a double header right before they head up to New York, which would obviously put the Orioles at a severe competitive disadvantage.

    If anything, I’m willing to bet Buck Showalter would be the guy to blame since I couldn’t see him supporting something that would put his team at a competitive disadvantage. And I really can’t blame him either.

    I bet that if the Orioles had worked out a doubleheader on Saturday to help the Ravens and they inevitably lost one of those two games and the Orioles wound up missing the playoffs or losing the division by a game, Nestor would post on here about how stupid Angelos was to agree to the double header. Angelos is his scapegoat for everything that goes wrong.

  8. James- Because the NFL hates Baltimore. Remember that they found a way to weasel Baltimore out of this in 2001 as well when there were no scheduling conflicts. If the Ravens at least get their first home game as a prime time game, that’s a sort of acceptable apology gift.

  9. I can’t pin this on Angelos, and I’m a huge Angelos critic. The team CANNOT be out of town Wednesday night and then play a 12pm or 1pm game the next day. And scheduling a double header is a competitive disadvantage. Whether the Orioles are truly doing this from a competitive standpoint or whether it’s a we-aren’t-conceding-to-the-Ravens issue. I don’t blame them one bit on this one, the team or Angelos.

    The NFL even spoke Angelos’ language: money. How do we know that Angelos didn’t phone Buck and ask his take on the scheduling thing? And how do we know that Buck didn’t say that he’d rather leave the schedule as it is, knowing a double-header could tax his bullpen and take Wieters out of a game during a potential playoff run?

    We don’t know these things. So, I’m not slinging mud at Angelos this time. Bisciotti and the NFL compensating Angelos for the Thursday game and playing two Saturday games makes financial sense for Angelos. And he didn’t do it, yet he still gets blame. I’m not going to do that. I have problems with the man, but I’m NOT going to say that he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. That’s unfair.

    Personally, I don’t really care whether the Ravens open at home on a Thursday or whatever. I prefer Sunday afternoon games anyway. It’s enough that they won the Superbowl(!) and were legitmately given first crack at the season opener. Logistically, it didn’t work out that way. It really doesn’t matter to me. And it won’t matter to anyone else once week 1 of the 2013 season is over either.

  10. I don’t know why the NFL just doesn’t put some other two teams the darlings of the league on Thursday night and the Ravens at home on Sunday at 1 pm where they belong! Guess what folks here is the truth.
    Anyone west of Frederick MD and north of Hanover PA and south of Glen Burnie MD actually hates the Baltimore Ravens! If you dont believe me just read the comment boards on Fox or ESPN after any Ravens article.

  11. A lot of Nestor bashing: grow up children. Nestor clearly states these are his OPINIONS, and last I checked we live in a country protected with freedom of speech. Get lost.

    On the actual subject matter, this is tricky. It is compelling either perspective you take. If you’re the Ravens, Angelos is the mean big brother that won’t share because “he had it first.” The Orioles believe this is a power move to oppose the NFL. In reality, the paying fans are getting screwed. But that won’t stop anyone from going to the games. And that is the problem,

    Ravens are the Rodney Dangerfield of sports: “No Respect.” And that is EXACTLY the way we want it! Baltimore is an underdog, blue collar city these days, we don’t need our sports teams treated like darlings. Let them be disgraced and disrespected to fuel the inferno.

    Ravens will use this situation as motivation and whoop some a** next season! Go Ravens and O’s!

  12. There is no way Coach Harbs is giving up a long break before week 2. He would be crazy to do that. Esp. With the Ravens recent week 2 performances.

    I really think the root cause of all this is the NFL’s NBC contract and the MLB CBA.

  13. Dave, it would and could work exactly how I stated. You’re thing about 20 games or 20 days doesn’t apply, check the schedule. Additionally there would be no double header “right” before traveling to New York. The double header could be played on Tuesday as the O’s have off the day before. I think that’s plenty of time to get rested for such a grueling day of, wait for it… baseball. lol

    Let me also add (not directed to you Dave) that this latest BS has put the final nail in the coffin with what little fandom I had for the O’s.

    Go Ravens !!!

  14. @Dave ” Remember that they found a way to weasel Baltimore out of this in 2001 as well when there were no scheduling conflicts”

    Just an FYI to Dave: The NFL did not start these opening Thursday night games until the 2002 season. The first Thursday night game, played on Sep 5 of 2002, featured the 49ers at the Giants. Neither of those teams was even in the Super Bowl the previous season, much less Super Bowl Champions. The Giants were not even a playoff team in 2001. In 2003 the opener on Thursday was Jets at Redskins, again neither of them even played in the Super Bowl, and the Redskins were not a playoff team. 2004 was the first year the Super Bowl winner (the Patriots) hosted that Thursday night opener.

    The NFL may or may not “hate Baltimore,” but not opening the 2001 season on a Thursday night has nothing to do with that.

    Still a bummer for Baltimore to lose out on all of the hoopla (and money) from the Thursday night opener this year. Seems playing on Tuesday or Wednesday would have been a simple solution. I liked Drew’s suggestion, Denver at Ravens on Wednesday, Seattle at 49ers on Thursday. Course, the SF Giants are scheduled to play in SF on that Thursday…

  15. I forgot to add, the first opening Thursday night game was played as a commemoration of the 9/11 attacks the year before. That was the reason for the game being played in New York (well, New Jersey, actually).

  16. Nestor, you need serious therapy dude! Your obsession with Angelos is comical. I don’t know if you posted this before Drew posted his moat recent response to this debacle, but maybe you should read his thoughts. Really, if you can’t come up with something interesting to write about that doesn’t include a swipe at Angelos, quit writing for GOD’s sake! I’m not a Angelos fan at all and unless I quit smoking will probably never go to another Camden yards game. But when I talk with folks about the Orioles, Angelos’name rarely if ever comes up. Well maybe in the off season when the O’s never sign anybody of any consequence.

    Your own article here pretty much shows why this isn’t Angelos’ fault but you have to go off on a tangent/rant about your obsession about your favorite ( pretty much only) subject. ANGELOS.

    If it wasn’t for reading Drew and listening to him and occaisionally the guys that imediately follow him your station and web page would be pretty much worthless. Billick never really writes much or it would make reading a bit more interesting.


  17. Nestor, You really missed this one. This issue is not the Orioles problem and they aren’t at fault. This was an issue created by the NFL and their money grabbing and the incessant need to “brand” or push Thu night football on the NFL fans. Nothing more, nothing less. If the situation were reversed and the NFL was asked to reschedule a game, what do you think their response would be? Probably go pound sand.

  18. Contradictions, facts that are dubious(the O ‘s control the ENTIRE downtown sports marketplace is NOT FACTUAL, it is hyperbole, I guess you learned that in journalism class,HA!). Facts that are stretched(How is it possible that “prestige” can even be quantified?).

    This piece is just another example of the editorial policy of NST. I am shocked that Drew was even allowed to publish his FACTUAL and quite relevant to the facts at hand. He nailed it and Nestor mailed it in, AGAIN. He(Nestor) clearly shows his bias and it has gotten to be a joke that always has the same punch line. In my mind, Nestor is the only not aware that his rantings against Angelos are just so personal(and not business)and really quite laughable and pathetic.

    A very slanted article that contradicts itself. Lots of moving parts in how this could be resolved and Nestor even has a moment of clarity when he states that it would take MLB, White Sox, MLPA and the Orioles, yet the theme(accusation) is that Angelos could get it done.”it would be getting done”. That is what is written and it shows the hate that Nestor has for Angelos. It clearly has blinded him.

    The argument that the positive PR that the O’s could generate by “putting Baltimore first” is laughable if anyone has ever heard, read or observed the actions that Nestor has done in the past decade(or longer). There is no way that IF the O’s could “get it done” they would NOT be given a huge lift in the PR battle that they have in front of them… at least in Nestor’s eyes. He is too far gone……. and that IS a FACT.

  19. If memory services me correctly, there was a similar problem 43 years ago. The Baltimore Colts were scheduled to play on the second Monday night football game ever in September 1970 against the Kansas City Chiefs. There was one problem, the Orioles were scheduled to play the same night at Memorial Stadium. I don’t remember the specifics, but the Colts won out and played that game on Monday night. But in the end the Orioles got the last laugh, as KC killed the Colts something like 44-24.

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