Don and Nestor take a deep breathe to adjust to life during this crisis


We will be talking about this national crisis a lot in the coming weeks as this memorably awful time in American history begins. Where does it end? No one knows but we hope everyone listens to our local officials and heeds this social call to keep each other safe from the deadly corona virus.

This is a lengthy episode. We will be greatly expanding our evolving Baltimore Positive chats in the coming days, especially in light of and AM 1570 being empty of sports radio content while the world is shut down.

All of our local conversations and chats will be in support of local businesses and serving their needs during this crisis.

Stay tuned for many upcoming episodes of Baltimore Positive. We’ll be making more of them than usual and hope that you read, listen, watch and share as we hope to grow as the election has been moved to June 2nd.

Stay safe. Be kind to each other. Keep the faith.

We are all in it together.